How do you arrive?

Bordering the coast: Access from Santiago de Compostela: by the corridor (Santiago-Noya). When you arrive in Noya, take the AC 550 (towards Cee).

Inland: From Santiago by the corridor (Santiago-Noya), and in Bertamiráns you would take the AC 544 (Bertamiráns-Negreira). In A Pereira merge onto the AC 400, which leads to Carnota following signsto Muros.

Another alternative from Inland: Coming out of Santiago by the C 545 to Santa Comba, once there you have to follow AC 400 to Carnota.

From A Coruña by road: In A Coruña you have to take the road AG 55 towards Carballo, there you must merge with the AC 552 (A Coruña-Cee) until you arrive to Cee. From cee you access Carnota through the AC 550 (Cee-Riveira).

Nearest train station: Santiago de Compostela (981 520202) and A Coruña (981 150202).

Nearest airports: Lavacolla International Airport, in Santiago de Compostela (981 597 400) andAlvedroin A Coruña (981 187200).

By sea: you can dock at the Lira and O Pindo seaports which are suitable for recreational and sail boats.